Teaching Gratitude

November is a natural time to focus on gratitude with our children. Some kids are born feeling appreciative for life and everything it offers. Some need a little more coaching. Here are some fun ways to build gratefulness:

1) Have discussions about gratitude. What does it feel like, how can we express it, what do we have to be grateful for that others may not have? Here is a list of 30 questions to spark conversations or use as journal prompts.

Some examples include:

What is something a sibling does for you that you are grateful for?

How does it feel when someone helps you?

Who is someone who probably gets too little credit for what they do?

My kids make the Thank You out of Popsicle sticks. I photographed it, they helped me find a fun border and I printed a bunch out on photo paper.

2) Write Thank You Notes. You may remember writing thank you notes as a tortuous activity. It might currently be thought of as torture by your kids. However, receiving a thank you note feels great. The people who give to our children and our family love to be acknowledged and appreciated for their material gifts as well as their gifts of time and service.

Here is a helpful article on how to help kids write thank you notes depending on their age.

Our UBAM team is doing a challenge for families to write 30 Thank You notes in 30 days. We're encouraging families to talk about Gratitude and think outside the box of people to thank. Here is a list of 74 people you and your kids could send a thank you note to.

The list includes: mail carriers, pets, service people , school lunch person etc.

If you want to participate post your thank you cards on Facebook with the Hastag #30daysofthanks

3) Include an Opportunity for Gratefulness in your Thanksgiving traditions

Each year no matter where I spend my Thanksgiving and who is around the table, I make sure each person has an opportunity to share what they are grateful for that year. Sometimes years are tough and it is hard to feel grateful but there is something powerful in not only expressing out loud what I am thankful for but also hearing other people's appreciation for what they have in their lives.

Happy Reading & Happy Thanksgiving!


P.S. Have a teacher you want to thank. This book has been a very appreciated unique gift for teachers in our life!

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