FAQs about Shopping

#1 Can I just order online?

YES! Here is my website link. You can order anytime and you will be supporting me and my book biz!

#2 How do I find the books I want?

You can use the Search Feature to look for specific titles, subjects (snakes, science, spelling) or types of books (board, chapter, activity, sticker).

The Categories are also a helpful way to search.

Here are some of my book videos & my recommendations on Pinterest.

OR Contact me! I'm always happy to make personal recommendations or answer questions!

#3 Where do I find the Specials?

We always have Customer Specials that are available after you spend $40 online. Another way to save money is with Collections or Combined Volumes.

Often, I have my own specials, join my Facebook Group to learn more!

#4 What do the events mean?

When you shop online, there will be a pop up asking if you are looking for an event. These are mainly my current parties with hostesses. BUT, I always have a link open as a Charity Book Drive where I donate the free book rewards to a family, school or organization. I'd LOVE it if you select this option when ordering!

#5 What if I hate to pay shipping?

If you live locally, contact me about shopping my inventory. Or ask about my current shipping special!

#6 What do the different binding options mean?

Since we sell to schools and libraries, many of our books are available in Library binding because they will get a lot of love. Not necessary for most family use.

#7 How can I be "in the know" about new titles, specials, news, etc?

Join my Facebook Group!

#8 How can I become a VIP shopper?

If you are planning to spend more than $100 either in one visit or in the next 6 months, I will set up a shopping link for you so you can earn free and discounted book rewards! You can also share this link with friends and family to get even more rewards. Reach out to get yours set up!

#9 I'm having trouble with the website, can you help me?

Absolutely! I am happy to take orders by phone or email with a credit card number or paypal payment. 720-937-8569 or usbornebookie@gmail.com

#10 Is there a way to see the books in person or get a catalog?

Yes! We can set up a personal shopping appointment or if you don't live nearby, a Skype call where I can show you the insides of the books I have on hand. I'm happy to send you or drop off a catalog as well! Just reach out!

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