Guide to Usborne & Kane Miller Chapter Books

Early or Beginning Chapter Books are great read-alouds for Kindergarteners and 1st graders who can listen for longer periods of time. If your reader is ready to move up from picture books, these make a wonderful transition into the exciting world of chapter books.

Other Early Chapter Book Series include:

Billie B Brown

Similar to Hey Jack! No more than 50 words per page. Books can be read in any order (AR 2.5-2.8)

Lily the Elf

Less than 50 pages. The Lily the Elf series is perfect for newly independent readers, with simple sentence structure, short chapters, black-and-white illustrations, large font, and lots of white space, all designed for easy and well-supported reading.

Mini Monsters Series

This fun series has colorful comic-style illustrations and limited words per page. Join Billy as he befriends the adorable little monsters hiding in his room.

(AR 2.7)

Hotel Flamingo

When young Anna inherits a dilapidated once-grand hotel, she's determined to restore it to its former glory. But this is no ordinary hotel - all of her staff and guests are animals!

Chapter Books for Newly Confident Readers are the next level up with a few more words on each page, longer books and more complicated story lines. storylines. Typically best for 2nd and 3rd graders.

Fizz Series

A bit more challenging than the early chapter books at (AR 4) this series still has lots of white space and fun illustrations. "Told in simple but very lively language, with lots of playful repetition, short chapters and Stephen Michael King’s quirky cartoon-style illustrations throughout, we think this hilarious and action-packed series is perfect for newly confident readers."

Axel & Beast

"The Axel & Beast books are packed with super-cool tech, a diverse cast, a lightning-fast pace, and word art and energetic illustrations, along with exaggerated, over-the-top situations – and villains – to keep emerging readers glued to the page."

(AR 2)

Fairy Ponies & Fairy Unicorns

Bear Grylls Adventures Series

Take an adventure with Bear Grylls as the kids in his books learn lessons about survival skills and themselves. (AR 4.3)

3rd and 4th grade Chapter Books. The next level up of chapter books few illustrations, more complex characters, and deeper story lines.

Lightning Girl Series

"This series starter, previously published in the UK, brings an upbeat, Black-girl superhero to a new audience. ... Dixon’s debut proves to be a charmingly quick read, reminiscent of a more G-rated Black Lightning." Booklist Review

Stand Alone Alfie

Ateban Cipher Series

When a dying man hands orphan Gabe a coded manuscript, he’s hurled into a quest that takes him far beyond his monastery home. With new, unexpected friends, Gabe sets out to uncover the book’s secrets and finds himself questioning everything he knows about right and wrong and wondering if he'll ever find a way back home? Come on a journey full of danger, intrigue, adventure and incredible secrets. (Ages 9-14)

When Quinn is chosen for the king's training school, he's amazed - but that is nothing compared to his shock when he is selected as one of the three mapmakers and finds himself on board a ship, competing for the big prize. So begins Quinn's reluctant journey deep into the unknown, with only his photographic memory and skills learned on the farm to help him. Perfect for readers who love stories filled with adventure and suspense, The Mapmaker Chronicles are one-part fantasy, one-part quest, one-part high-seas action. Filled with strong, feisty characters who learn resilience, perseverance and the importance of friendship, each book transports readers to faraway lands.

Need to be Read in Order?

Usborne and Kane Miller books often come in series. However, not all need to be read in order. Here's a guide to which ones 1) Need to be read in order because of the sequence of events and telling of the story, 2) Are recommended to be read in order or 3) Do not need to be read in order.

1) Need to read in order:

2) These series are recommended to read in order, but it's not essential. Usually the first book introduces characters but the story is not sequential.

3) These do not need to be read in order

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