Never Too Old for Reading Aloud

My first introduction to Usborne Books & More as a direct sales company was at a friend's home party. I already owned and loved a few of the books but at that party I fell head over heals in love with the entire catalog as well as the opportunity and signed up a couple days later.

One of the pieces that I loved most was the messages and tips we could share with parents, families, kids, educators etc. Even as someone with a background in parent education and early childhood development, I came away that day with ideas that I implemented right away. One of the messages that rang loud and clear for me, I tucked away in my brain for later.... your children are never too old to be read to aloud. In fact, read to them for as long as they will let you.

The information that the consultant, now my amazing leader, shared came from Jim Trelease's Read Aloud Handbook. (Contact me to order this book). He sites a study about children's interest and enjoyment of reading aloud and how quickly it declines as children get older. He correlates this to parents discontinuing reading aloud once their children can read for themselves.

While there are probably many other factors that play into this as well, it was enough evidence for me to keep doing one of my favorite activities with my boys. So, at ages 8 and 9 my boys who DO still love to read, get pretty sad on the infrequent nights when we don't read together. I love ending our day with this ritual that has been a time for us to slow down, be together uninterrupted, bond, share stories and have discussions about characters and life.

Most often, we read Usborne or Kane Miller books because in addition to knowing they will almost always be winners, it's a way I can keep current on our newest releases and series. My job with UBAM, also provides numerous opportunities for my boys to help and gain their own skills. We are currently on book three of the Mapmaker series and this is Peter Levi's review:

If you want a little more info, here's a recent interview with the author on why she uses her initials and uses boys as her main characters.

If you have an older child who is struggling with reading or just isn't that into it, I highly recommend that you start reading together, even just a couple nights a week. There may be other learning issues going on that should be addressed but it certainly won't hurt and here is what it will do:

- Help you learn what types of books your child enjoys

- Provide bonding time together and start to make reading fun again (just make sure that you keep it light and fun! This is not the time to be testing your kid after each chapter but to let conversations flow naturally).

- Discover where your child might be struggling- is it with finding books that interest him or her, comprehension or reading skills

Here are some of our favorite Usborne & Kane Miller books to read together!

Happy Reading!


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