Sharing Holiday Traditions with Books

Tradition #1:Caroling One of my favorite Christmas memories is heading to the end of my street where there would be a big bonfire and we would all sing Christmas songs until Santa Claus arrived in his convertible with a gift specifically for each of us! So much fun can be had with music and these books are a great way to start bringing music into little ones' lives!

Tradition #1: Decorating the Christmas Tree The tree is such a focal point for Christmas. Some ready for the cover of Martha Stewart's magazine, some dripped with tinsel (that's how we liked ours as kids) and some full of handmade children's ornaments. Or how about a Book Tree??

Here are some great gift ideas for under that tree!

Tradition #3: Decorating the entire house! We just finished decorating the tree and now we need to make the rest of the house match the spirit and joy that the Christmas Tree brings. This is a busy time of year! While you're decorating and checking your list, you may need something to entertain those little ones . We have some great activity books for kids of all ages and also for our adults as well.

Tradition #4: Baking together creates such great memories for everyone! It can also be a great way teach your kids the spirit of giving and spreading joy to neighbors and friends! I

We have a couple kits to help you make memories with your kiddos and some fun cooking/food books as well.

Tradition #5: The spirit of giving/being charitable Christmas is a great time to teach kids how great it feels to help others. Usborne Books & More offers several opportunities to give back! **For every Cuddle Bear book sold, our company donates to cancer research! **Our Cards for a Cause fundraiser can be used to raise funds for a family or organization in need. ** I'd love to help you organize a book drive for a cause that you care about or to give books to a a family you adopt! Contact me! ** The Change and Do Nice books offer dozens of ways that kids can give to their communities.

Tradition #6: Christmas Cards Sending & receiving Christmas cards is another great tradition! Besides making our kids pose for the annual photo we can get them involved by having them write notes, stories or draw a picture to include for our closest relatives. Here are some books to help! The Fingerprint Books can be used to decorate the envelopes!

Tradition #7: Cuddling up with a good book! "Baby, its cold outside." When it's cold and snowing outside, it's the perfect time to cuddle into a warm blanket and read a story together! Did you know that the cover is the most expensive part of a book? That's why these combined volumes and Illustrated Stories save you lots of money!!

Tradition #8: Winter Activities Building snowmen, sleigh riding, ice skating... and coming home to some hot cocoa! Here are some books to celebrate winter!

Tradition #9: Celebrating Christmas Christmas is a magical time of year... when we take the time to slow down and appreciate the special moments. Christmas books can help bring those feelings back and keep them in our hearts and minds and remind us what the holiday is all about.

Tradition #10: Shopping! You can't really get around it. Presents and shopping are a big part of Christmas traditions. So are sales- so don't forget to check out the specials! (Can't you just picture yourself building that dollhouse with your little ones on Christmas day!?!)

I know families who always get their kiddos new PJs and a book. Some do 12 days of books leading up to the 25th. Others will give a new Christmas book on Christmas Eve that can be read or done together as a family.

Here are some great Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

How to get books? You can place an order anytime at my website.

Local? Ask me about a personal shopping appointment to shop from my inventory and get FREE SHIPPING!

OR, let's do a Facebook Party and load you up on free and discounted books while sharing them with your friends. This Blog Post comes right from my current Facebook Party and we've been having lots of fun with it!

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