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Building Brains through Talking

October 23, 2017

My other job is Program Coordinator of our local Early Childhood Council and we just finished up our annual conference for childcare and preschool teachers as well as home providers. This conference always re-inspires me to advocate for and promote the importance of child development in the first five years.


85-90% of a child's brain develops in the first five years of life- WOW! That means that parents and caregivers play a critical role in setting our kiddos up for success. The good news is that it's really not that hard and reading plays a HUGE role!


We can help develop all the brain connections and skills kids need through talking, reading and singing. The little interactions we have throughout the day make a BIG impact!



 Usborne Books & More's books are specifically designed to be engaging and walk us through developing key early literacy skills.




Vocabulary books like 1000 Things to Eat and My First Word book give children the vocabulary they need to identify objects in their world. They are also tools to open conversations. "What color is that umbrella?" "Does that watermelon look yummy? Or would you rather eat the red peppers?" 


You Choose, Just Imagine  are some of our best books for open ended conversations. These books offer questions such as imagine being big... or small. What would you choose to eat... or to wear?


Spotting books are some of my favorites (you may notice I include them A LOT) because they have tons of vocabulary and offer an opportunity for us to work with our kiddo to find different objects. You can start using the 1001 Things to Spot book as early as age 3, just don't expect your kiddo to find ALL of the objects. Start with just a couple on each page and allow them to build their spotting skills. There is also a lot going on in these pages to talk about!  "What is that little girl about to do to her mom?!" "Would you like to be buried in the sand?"


As a huge fan of the spotting books, I was SUPER excited when Usborne came out with the Very First Book of Things to Spot and it definitely did not disappoint. Not only are there tons of things to find, it walks parents through all kinds of questions to ask their kiddos such as colors, counting, expressions, actions etc. that are not only fun to do with this book but can be transferred to having conversations with just about any book!

 For those of you with toddlers and preschoolers, I am sure you get LOTS of questions... all day! Question and Answer books are a fun way to satisfy their natural curiosity about the world. Extra cool is how like sponges they are soaking up tons of facts about the subjects they love. These books come in lots of different subjects!


 Find these books and many more on my shopping site!

 P.S. Speech therapists and ESL teachers love these books for older students as well!



 Want to learn more about HOW to talk with infants to make the biggest impact?

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