Usborne Books that Inspire Careers

These fun books with "retro" illustrations are designed to help kids imagine themselves in different careers.

Has your child ever dreamed of owning their own business? Do they want to be a chef or a Fashion Designer? Check these out!

Click here to learn more about the Create Your Own Boutique & Create Your Own Pizzeria Books

Here's what a grandmother recently told me: "I brought the Pizzeria book with me when I visited my ten year old granddaughter this summer. We spent so much time together doing all of the activities. This book will forever be linked to one of the most memorable times I had with her. Now, do you have the Boutique one, I have to get it!"

The Academy Books!

Packed full of fun, educational activities, Vet Academy lets children explore life as a veterinarian, from the rigorous training involved in learning about different kinds of animals to the importance of food, exercise and conservation. The book is broken up into sections -- Pet Vet, Zoo Vet, and Farm Vet -- and each section includes arts and crafts, puzzles and quizzes, plus tasks and missions. Everything from learning about dog body language to a day in the life of a zoo elephant (and her vet), to farm vet hygiene – it’s all in here. Plus, there’s also a pull-out poster, game, cards and sticker sheets to add to the interactive fun.

My boys proud of the rocket they built.

These books are getting great reviews:

Publishers Weekly

“Throughout, Martin gives enthusiastic descriptions of the work that astronauts do (“The excitement, the beauty of space and the feeling of freedom stay with the space walkers for

the rest of their lives”), and Farley’s slightly retro illustrations harken to the early days of space flight.”

Kid Lit Reviews

“Astronaut Academy is full of information and activities perfect for the budding astronaut.

While it looks like a book, the amount of creative activities kids will find themselves enjoying is

amazing....based on Astronaut Academy, I would recommend any new edition to this inventive series.”

Click here to check out Architect, Science and Engineer Academy Books

While the books above are specifically related to exploring different careers... you never really know what book might spark a life-long passion for your child. Maybe it is a book about sharks or trains or math or a specific country. Well, that makes my job pretty amazing! Teachers, parents, librarians, grandparents have the potential of sharing THAT book with the children in their lives every day!

Soooo...last, but not least... check out our Kids Kits! Also, sure to inspire budding paleontologists, designers or bakers!

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