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Usborne Book Fairs

Free books for your school or organization!

As a local, Colorado consultant, I do most of the work including providing

marketing materials, ordering books, setting up and managing the cash

register throughout the event. 

Preschools, Corporate, Elementary Schools & More!


Contact me to schedule your book fair today!


Literacy for a Lifetime

Stretch your dollars!

Our generous matching grant program will provide 50% in free books using ANY unbudgeted dollars! This includes:

- Title 1 money

- Cash earned at Scholastic Book Fairs

- Donations or grants

- Money raised through PTO/PTA and fundraising events

There is no limit to the number of times you can access this program!

*Minimum of $250

Reach for the Stars

Reading Incentive Program

A generous pledge-based reading incentive program, designed to benefit schools,

individual classrooms, clubs, preschools, home school groups, charities, businesses or public libraries.
The goal of Reach for the Stars!! is for participants to read, or be read to, for 300 minutes over a two week

period of time, thus developing a reading routine, receiving Usborne and Kane Miller books for participating.

Cards for a Cause

Usborne Books & More proudly offers a unique program, Cards for a Cause Fundraisers, with value-for-money greeting cards and a high return to the organization raising funds.


Over 40% of the funds raised will benefit the organization's goal. We know that there are many organizations with funding needs each year, and we are pleased to offer this opportunity to meet those needs.

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